“This is an expertly crafted play… and the laughter becomes abundant and genuine.”  Bob Goepfert WAMC/ Albany NY

The script of Red Maple was first recognized and developed through the Capital Repertory Theatre (theREP) Next Act Play Festival.

The World Premiere of Red Maple was produced by Capital Repertory Theatre (LORT) in Albany, New York, in January and February of 2019. The production was directed by Assistant Artistic Director, Margaret Hall, and produced by Producing Artistic Director, Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill. The cast starred Yvonne Perry as Karen, Oliver Wadsworth as John, Elizabeth Meadows Rouse as Stephanie, James Lloyd Reynolds as Robert, Julia Knitel as Teresa/ Jennifer and was Stage Managed by Melissa Richter.

Red Maple broke box-office records as the strongest selling world premiere in the history of the REP. The production received rave reviews, was sold-out by the third week of the run and, despite continued demand, Red Maple tickets were impossible to purchase.

(L-R) Yvonne Perry as Karen, Elizabeth Meadows Rouse as Stephanie, James Lloyd Reynolds as Robert,Oliver Wadsworth as John,and (C) Julia Knitel as Teresa/ Jennifer.